Reducing NLP And Seductive Language Into Simple Terms

Published: 08th June 2007
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There are many claims that NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) can be a useful trick for seducing women. The pitch is endless on how to turn women on, remove barriers, and basically get much further than you would otherwise. It seems like a form of manipulation, one that can work. But does it?

Communication styles, like NLP, are ways of giving depth to your personality and in some cases persuade people to see things your way. But that only works if someone is sort of on the path of agreeing already, and just needs a small push. Using an overt (and even obvious) attempt at pursuasion can even backfire since people don't like to be manipulated, and put up resistance when they sense it. No one ever truly does anything against their will.

NLP and seductive language is only useful if it is coming from a natural place, and should probably be considered instead as a way of showing depth of character and social understanding. For example, someone who is a natural Don Juan would gravitate towards NLP and patterning but it would not necessarily make him more successful than someone who doesn't speak that way, but still has the depth of character and social understanding.

This suggests that different verbal techniques are only powerful insofar as their abilty to help bring out your personality, kind of like training wheels would help teach you how to ride a bike. Indeed, it can be a shortcut to figuring out, not only yourself, but your best-self.

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